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50+ k8s interview questions and answers | Advance Kubernetes

Q.6 What duties are carried out by Kubernetes?

Presenting 50+ most necessary k8s interview questions with solutions. These Kubernetes interview questions are useful to get your dream job within the fields of Kubernetes, DevOps and Docker. Docker and Kubernetes interview questions and solutions together with Kubernetes mcq questions will help you crack DevOps aptitude exams and job interviews.

The abbreviation K8s is derived by changing the eight letters of “ubernete” with the digit 8.

Kubernetes is a container administration system developed within the Google platform. The aim of kubernetes is to handle a containerized utility in numerous varieties of bodily, digital, and cloud environments. Google Kubernetes is a extremely versatile container software to ship even advanced purposes, constantly. Purposes run on clusters of a whole bunch to 1000’s of particular person servers.

  • Kubernetes can run on-premises naked metallic, OpenStack, public clouds Google, Azure, AWS, and so on.
  • It lets you keep away from vendor lock points as it may well use any vendor-specific APIs or companies besides the place Kubernetes supplies an abstraction, e.g., load balancer and storage.
  • It is going to allow purposes that should be launched and up to date with none downtime.
  • A node the smallest unit of {hardware}. It defines a single machine in a cluster that may be a digital machine from a cloud supplier or bodily machine within the information heart. Each machine out there within the Kubernetes cluster can substitute different machines.

    Q.2 Outline node in Kubernetes

    Kube-scheduler is the default scheduler for Kubernetes. It assigns nodes to newly created pods.

    Q.7 Outline Kubernetes controller supervisor

    Daemon units are a set of pods that runs on a bunch. They’re used for host layers attributes like monitoring community or easy community.


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