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50+ JavaScript interview questions and answers for freshers

15. Clarify variable in Javascript.

These are the 50 most essential javascript interview questions and solutions for freshers and a couple of 12 months expertise. We are attempting to place javascript interview questions pdf download link for a similar JS interview questions with extra superior stuff. Additionally examine interview questions for JavaScript’s in style framework like react js and Angular JS.

Javascript is mainly scripting language used to make net pages extra interactive. It may be used together with HTML and CSS.

Javascript lets you validate person enter earlier than sending it to server for backend operations referred to as Enter validation. It offers you Management over browser on account of which you’ll change the background color of this web page in addition to the textual content on the browser’s standing bar. It could possibly detect person’s browser and OS on account of which you’ll carry out platform dependant operations.
Dealing with date and time : Javascript allows you to write code primarily based customers date and time, it additionally allows you to seize customers date and time as person and server could also be in several time zone. Javascript allows you to dynamically generate HTML.

  • Interoperability : Javascript might be inserted into net web page no matter extension. JS can be utilized inside different languages equivalent to Perl and PHP contained in the script.
  • Wealthy interfaces : Javascript has huge libraries like (charts, drag and drop, sliders and so forth.) which allows you to present enticing look to your web site.
  • Discount in server load : Since Javascript is client-side scripting language it reduces load on web site servers as many operations might be carried out at shopper’s machine which reduces load on server and permits it serve to extra customers.
  • JavaScript is quick as a result of it run instantly inside the client-side browser. Javascript shouldn’t be dependant on community until backend knowledge is required to be processed. No Have to compile Javascript on the shopper–aspect as it’s interpreted immediately by net browsers.

    Q.2. What are options of Javascript?

    Main disadvantages of JS are:

    Q.28. What’s typeof operator?

    JavaScript is a scripting language that has been fashioned by conserving ECMAScript specification at its core. ECMAScript is nothing however a regular or specification outlined so as to create completely different scripting languages and one in all them is JavaScript. Javascript, Jscript and ActionScript are few scripting languages that comply with ECMAScript specs.


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