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40+ Kubernetes mcq questions and answers | k8s interview questions

k8s interview questions and solutions

Kubernetes mcq questions and solutions for greater than 40 k8s mcq questions are given under. These Docker and Kubernetes mcq may also help you crack interviews for k8s, Docker and DevOps. You may see these k8s mcqs and interview questions. Every Kubernetes goal query is given with choices & appropriate solutions. We’re planning so as to add Kubernetes mcq pdf download link. devops kubernetes interview questions are finest information for primary and superior DevOps interviews.

Q.1 What’s the primary operational unit of Kubernetes?
A : Pod
B : Job
C : Nodes
D : Not one of the above

Q.2 ………….. might be thought of as the first knowledge retailer of Kubernetes.
A : pod
B : etcd
C : node
D : All the above

Q.3 Which of the next runs on every node and ensures containers are working in a pod?
A : Pod
B : Etcd
C : Kubelet
D : All the Above

Q.4 Replication Controllers and Deployment Controllers are a part of which of the followings?
A : Kubeadm
B : API Controller Supervisor
C : Grasp Controller Supervisor
D : Not one of the above

kubernetes mcq questions

Q.5 Who developed Kubernetes?
A : Google
B : Apple Inc.
D : Microsoft


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